Detailed Program Schedule

Please click here to download a printable PDF of the detailed draft of the Binational Executive Seminar Program. Please note that this will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the availability of our Seminar Leaders.

June 4 - 8th, 2012

Sunday, June 3rd

Arrival and greeting

Monday, June 4th

Institutional Contexts and Political Process

  • 1. Origins & Evolution of Political Differences in Northern North America
  • 2. Parliamentary & Congressional Systems & Federalism


  • 3. The General Pattern of Canada-US Relations- High and Low Politics
  • 4. Economic Integration in North America

Tuesday, June 5th

Governance & Institutions: Commerce & Environment

  • 5. NAFTA and the Future of North American Governance
  • 6. Resolving Trade Disputes under the NAFTA


  • 7. International Joint Commission & the Boundary Waters Treaty
  • 8. The Great Lakes - Shared Governance on Water Issues

Dinner and after-dinner cruise on the "Maid of the Mist" (


Wednesday, June 6th

Diplomacy & the Secure Movement of People
(Niagara Falls Bridge Commission Plaza, Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls, NY)

  • 9. Monitoring the Canada-US Relationship through Public Opinion Data
  • 10. Ambassador's Roundtable – The Diplomatic Context


  • 11.Border Security and the Movement of People
  • 12. Policy Challenges of Security and Facilitation


Thursday, June 7th

Public Policy & Political Management

  • 13. Defense Cooperation
  • 14. Binational Energy Relationship


  • 15. Agriculture & Trade in Food Products
  • 16. Immigration and Canada-US Relations

Dinner: The Benchmark, Niagara Community College, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Friday, June 8th

The Secure Movement of Goods & the Future of Canada-US Relations
(Buffalo-Fort Erie Bridge Commission Boardroom, Fort Erie, ON)

  • 17. Border Infrastructure & Trade Logistics
  • 18. Facilitating Cross-Border Commercial Relations


  • 19. Perimeter Security and the Future of Canada-US Relations

Refreshments and Presentation of Certificates.

Transfers to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.