Graduate Course

Canadian Studies 600 -
"Public Policy and the Political Management of Canada-United States Relations"

This intensive week-long seminar will focus on the practical aspects of managing the Canada-US relationship that is designed to give students a unique set of insights into the Canadian-American relationship. Alongside political staffers from all levels of government in Canada and the United States who will not be officially registered in the course (and therefore will not receive academic course credit for their involvement), participants in this graduate seminar will take part in the "Binational Executive Seminar on Canada-US Relations (BES)." The BES itself features a series of guest lecturers from leading experts in a wide variety of aspects of Canada-US relations who are drawn from academe, think tanks, and from the private and governmental sectors in Canada and the US. Meetings will be held at UB, Brock University, the Promenade of the Rainbow Bridge, and at the headquarters of the Buffalo-Fort Erie Bridge Authority, so participants in the Seminar will need to be eligible and in possession of the necessary documentation to cross the border into Canada. The focus of the seminar will be on the nuts and bolts of managing and improving cross-national collaboration and decision-making. The goal of the seminar is to provide students with a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the conduct of Canada-US relations in a wide variety of policy settings, and with an appreciation of the cross-national similarities and differences that affect the management of the binational relationship. Students taking the class for graduate credit will prepare a summary paper in which they summarize and critically react to the presentations they have heard. Grades will be assigned on a 'satisfactory/unsatisfactory' basis. Registration is by 'permission of the instructor' only.  Interested graduate students should contact Munroe Eagles at