Binational Executive Seminar
on Canada-United States Relations

Brock University & the University at Buffalo - The SUNY


Canada and the United States share a relationship that is as complex, broad, and intimate as any bilateral relationship in the world.  Harmonious relations across the border, and successful management of the binational relationship, are most likely when decision-makers on both sides of the border are knowledgeable about the needs, preferences, values, and constraints that their counterparts across the border manifest. Yet, as the complexities of interdependence penetrate more and more policy domains, decision-makers at all levels of political organization (from local to federal) on both sides of the border confront issues that incorporate binational dimensions and complexities for which they feel unprepared and lacking in knowledge. 

As we commemorate the bicentennial of the War of 1812,  Niagara Falls represents a particularly appropriate setting to gather Canadians and Americans together to reflect upon the legacy of two centuries of peace that were ushered in by the close of hostilities in that war. The binational region was one of the major theaters for that war, and many events are being planned in both Ontario and New York to encourage reflection on the last armed conflict that crossed our shared border (click here for more information). The Binational Executive Seminar (BES) on Canada-US Relations aims to provide those who are actively engaged in the legislative management of the Canada-US relationship with the background necessary to make informed and appropriate decisions. The BES is an intensive five-day overview of key aspects of each country's political process and in-depth briefings on key policy sectors. Accommodations and most seminar sessions will be held in the recently-rennovated conference facilities of The Sheraton at the Falls, Niagara Falls, NY where particpants will also be accommodated, and at various other venues in the beautiful binational Niagara region. Seminar sessions will be led by academic, think tank, and private sector experts.

Approximately 12 seminar participants will be selected from legislative staffs at all levels of government across Canada and the US. Local expenses (accommodation and food) will be covered for these participants. The BES will also be open to a limited number of graduate students who will be able to register for a graduate course based on the seminar sessions at the University of Buffalo - The SUNY. 

Note: Due to the closure of the Canadian Consulate's Buffalo office in August, 2012, a decision was made not to hold a Binational Executive Seminar in 2013.  We are currently seeking the necessary support to enable us to hold a BES in Niagara Falls, NY, in 2014. Stay tuned!!

2012 Binational Executive Seminar - June 4-8th, 2012

2011 Binational Executive Seminar - June 13-17th, 2011

To download a copy of the Binational Executive Seminar brochure, click BES brochure.